SEO Audit for a Leading iGaming Brand Driving Over 280,000 Organic Clicks Per Month

We delivered a comprehensive SEO audit for a leading iGaming brand and identified 21 opportunities to drive even more SEO visibility and growth.

We worked with a major player in the bonus code space when they were looking for additional opportunities to drive more SEO growth.

The Challenge

This iGaming brand came to us already receiving a significant amount of organic traffic each month, over 280,000 organic clicks per month in fact. Still, they operate in a hugely competitive industry and were keen to find out what things they could do drive even more SEO growth and affiliate revenue.

The Solution

The Search Informer team carried out a full SEO audit spanning technical SEO, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.

We analysed the key competitors and ran a full crawl of the clients website before compiling our findings into an in-depth audit document which could be shared with the client.

Our finished audit included recommendations on how to fix SEO issues and opportunities (over 20 of them!) and even prioritised the recommendations to ensure that the client could action those which would drive the most impact first.

The Results

In the months following our SEO audit, this iGaming website has seen a staggering amount of growth.

SEO tool Semrush estimates that the site went from generating 100,029 organic visits per month in August to now an estimated 215,042 organic visits each month. The client has since got back in touch with the our SEO agency team to book in a comprehensive audit for another website in their portfolio.

We confirmed in Google Search Console that these estimated increases were indeed translating to a sizable amount of additional organic clicks being sent to the site each and every month.

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